Moringa Hibiscus Tea (20pcs Pack)


Moringa Hibiscus Tea
Raw moringa tea leaves contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. The moringa leaf is a significant source of vitamin A, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and vitamin B6. The leaves of the moringa plant also contain high amounts of essential nutrients such as beta-carotene and amino acids.
Hibiscus combines Moringa to add natural Vitamin C and natural iron to Moringa’s nutritional qualities and health benefits. This blend is for your wholesome health and wellness.

Benefits of Moringa Hibiscus Tea

Boost of Antioxidants.
Rich in Vitamin C and iron.
Provide a purifying and healing energy.
Support the heart and circulatory system.
Promote a clear, glowing complexion, Uplift the heart.

Key Speciality

Can be drink any time a day
Caffeine free


2g Dip tea with Outer Envelope (Pouch Type)

Eco friendly Bag

Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Fat Loss

Blood Pressure  & Blood Sugar Control

Packaging -20 Dip teas in a Box

Customized Labelling & Packaging

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 9 cm


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