Private Label Flavoured Teas

Get Moringa Tea with YOUR Logo and Brand Name, We do Moringa Tea as Private  Labeling (also known as White Label)

Meiyon Global can build your complete natural brand range with customised packaging on 100% Pure, Natural , Herbal Blends of Tea and more.

We provide complete end-to-end private labelling service right from packaging to shipping your ready to sell products to your doorstep. We can provide label design service for a small one time fee. Or you can send us your labels and packaging materials also.

Once the packaging material is selected, we will package your products and ship them to your location worldwide at competitive shipping prices. Our state-of-the-art packaging facility is located in Tamil Nadu, India

Our minimum order quantity for private labelling is varying from Product to Product.

Please contact us for more details.

We sell only the Highest Quality Moringa Infusion Tea with Herbal blend.

When it comes to Moringa Tea, quality is everything. For more information on our certification visit our webpage.

We supply Pure Natural Moringa Value added products and more for private labelling, including:

• Moringa Leaf Powder

• Moringa Seed Oil

• Moringa Soup Powder

• Moringa Leaf Powder capsules

• Moringa Tea -all Variants

• Cosmetic Products such as Moringa Turmeric cream, Face wash, Body wash, Shampoo and Moringa Soap.

• Custom Blends of Moringa Tea – If you have a particular formula in mind, we can create a custom blend for you Pricing

We work hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible while maintaining the same high quality.

Private Label:

There are few different ways to handle label design and printing:

1. You get the labels designed and printed, and sent to us. We will apply the labels on your Capsules bottles.

2. You get the labels designed and send us the artwork. We will get the labels printed and apply to your bottles.

3. We design and print your labels:

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