What is Moringa Tea? Why should we drink Moringa Tea Regularly? What are the major benefits?

What is Moringa Tea

Moringa tea is a beverage made by steeping dried moringa leaves in hot water for several minutes. This refreshing tea is thought to increase wellness and vitality. The moringa leaves contain a high concentration of nutrients.


1.   Helps in Blood Sugar Control– Moringa leaves may be beneficial to people with diabetes, as its antioxidant chlorogenic acid keeps blood sugar level in check. Moreover, the leaves contain Vitamin C, which has been shown to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure in Type-2 diabetes patients.

2.   Helps in Weight Loss: Moringa tea, with its powerful nutrient profile, is thought to help boost metabolism, burn calories.

3.   Potential Energy Booster: Non-caffeinated drink that can give you an energy boost. Moringa tea is considered to increase vitality and overall wellness and has no sugar or caffeine.

4.   Boost Immune System: High levels of ascorbic acid and other antioxidants may make this tea an excellent protective agent against common cold and flu symptoms

5.   Helps to Reduce Diabetes: There are certain blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering effects of moringa powder (and tea), which may potentially make it important for diabetics or people at risk of diabetes. By reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, your chances of developing diabetes are lowered. Also, chlorogenic acid in moringa tea may help provide a natural protection against diabetes.

6.    Helps for Digestion: The anti-inflammatory nature of this tea may make it ideal for soothing stomach upsets, calming diarrhoea and constipation symptoms, and generally improving gastrointestinal health

7.    Boost Heart Health: A significant content of potassium may make this tea an excellent source for lowering blood pressure.

8.   Improves Hair & Skin Health– Moringa tea is rich in antioxidants, which is good for hair and skin health. Antioxidants may help keep toxins at bay and thereby keep the skin clear. Moringa leaves also contains protein, which means it helps protect skin cells from damage.

9.   Improves Eye Health– Owing to its high antioxidant levels, Moringa has some eyesight-improving benefits as well.

10. Helps for Healing wounds and Pains: Anti-inflammatory tea, moringa may be an excellent choice for reducing inflammation throughout the body, relieving pain, aches, stomach upsets, headaches, and fever.

11.  Rich Source of Antioxidants: Moringa tea may have high-antioxidant power; this can prove to be helpful to fight free radicals and may reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and cellular damage.

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